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Macrodontia refers to teeth which are larger than the normal teeth when compared in size.

In this type of developmental defect, the size of the tooth is very large when compared to a normal tooth.

Sometimes people are mistaken in thinking that the size of the Jaw is smaller, hence the appearance.

The Macrodontia has been broadly classified into types defined as follows:

True generalized macrodontia: The condition, when all the teeth are larger than normal set of teeth.

This is seen in case of pituitary gigantism where excess production of growth hormone results in increased sized of all the organs and connective tissues.

This also seen in the case of facial hemthypertrophy, where one side of the face looks bigger than the other and hence the oral tissues increase in size as well.

Relative generalized macrodontia: When the teeth of normal size or slightly larger than normal size are accommodated in a smaller jaw, it gives an illusion of macrodontia.

Macrodontia of individual teeth Only a single tooth may be larger in size in comparison to the other teeth, and it should be differentiated from “fusion” of teeth.

As the size of tooth increases in macrodontia, the internal structures like the pulp chamber increases as well.

Macrodontia is generally found in people of African Origin.

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